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(Centering a dynamically-generated list of varyingly-lengthed items within a circle was tougher than I expected; it’s achieved with Javascript, probably rather clunkily. I thought Keeping aspect-ratio with HTML and no padding tricks by Noam Rosenthal might help but couldn’t make it work.)

Completing the homepage’s welcome area is the introductory video. In researching competing nurseries’ websites we decided we liked these; a video needn’t be sleek nor even professional to serve as a strong and helpful introduction — just competent and heartfelt.

Penina had many photos languishing in various drives and devices that she’d been wanting to put to use. I introduced her to the Ken Burns Effect, which gives some motion to stills within video, and she was off! She created a collection of images that introduced the nursery, wrote a text to accompany them, recorded her narration, sourced some background music, and handed it all over to me to mix together.

I’m no videographer, and the panning and zooming is merely an automatic effect rather than compositions in motion, but after capping it all with a musical number — a delightful violin recital from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons by a visiting parent — the video serves as rather a nice introduction.

The second and final feature on the homepage is Work of the Week. Hanging in the nursery hallway is a square noticeboard that Penina populates with drawings and artworks made by the kids and with post-it notes announcing their good deeds. It seemed an obvious candidate for displaying on the web site, demonstrating that the kids’ undertakings are taken seriously and keeping the website fresh with recent material.

So the digitized version of Work of the Week displays a photo of the noticeboard, individual works magnifying when hovered over (using the ElevateZoom jQuery plugin by Elevate Web Design), and an explanatory list of the works to the left and of the mitzvahs to the right. It’s all set off by a bright bubbly background in the site’s yellow and orange colors.

I like that we’re leveraging content already being created offline anyway that would otherwise be lost (not to mention craftily harnessing the little inmates to do the heavy lifting), and that we’re emphasizing both the Montessori (works) and Jewish ( mitzvot ) characters of the nursery.

One typographical detail is a tiny outline around the text of the sub-headers so that the polka-dots of the background don’t quite touch the letters. Also, the noticeboard image’s height can vary to accommodate the table below the noticeboard when it’s displaying items such as paper models.

After sufficient Work of the Week entries have been entered in the content management system we’ll probably convert this area into a slideshow so that site visitors can swipe back and forth in time.

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An Introduction To Underscore.js

Nick Brown , , Technology Snapshot Leave a Comment

Recently I starting working in the Backbone.js framework which has dependency on the Underscore.js framework. Underscore is a JavaScript utility library with many useful functions to handle common programming use cases.

I decided it would be a good idea to spend some time discovering what all the framework has to offer those within and outside of Backbone. In this blog, I discuss some of the more useful functions I have found inside of Underscore.


You can use _.each to make more easily readable loops. Here is a common way to loop through an array in JavaScript:

Using underscore’s _.each , we can make this much more readable, mainly as you are not having to use access the items of the array with the index. is similar, but returns an array built from the outputs of the function.

This does what you can probably guess by its name: filters a collection. It loops through a collection and returns an array of entries that return true for a truth test.

This is a very simple way to loop a specific number of times.

This is a convenient way for pulling out a list of property values from a list of objects.

A fairly common task in coding might be getting a list of names from a collection of people objects. Here is a way of doing this in JavaScript:

This can be simplified with Underscore to:

This can used to find a single object from a collection that matches the given key-value pairs. First I’ll write something similar using just JavaScript:

Now see it simplified with Underscore:

Not only is the code more simple to write, but notice how much more apparent it is to the reader what the code is actually trying to accomplish.

_.where is similar to _.findWhere , but will return an array of all matching entries instead of just the first one found.

Sorting collections by property name can done with _.sortBy.

Backbone leverages its dependency on Underscore so that Backbone collections can inherently use many of the underscore iteration functions such as each , map , findWhere , Where , Filter , sortBy , etc. These prove quite useful and powerful when dealing with large data collections.

There are multiple type checking methods and are super simple to read and understand that can come in handy. _.isString(object); _.isNumber(object); _.isBoolean(object); _.isDate(object); _.isNan(object); _.isNull(object); _.isUndefined(object);

Contents [ KSwiss Hoke CMF Men’s LowTop Sneakers Classic White/Mustang LRh37

Database tables may relate to each other using 1:1, 1:N, or N:M relations. If you are new to database relations, it’s a good idea to catch up before we discus ORM specifics. Here are random links discussing relations in general.

In greenDAO, entities relate using to-one or to-many relations. For example, if you want to model a 1:n relation in greenDAO, you will have a to-one and a to-many relation. However, note that the to-one and a to-many relations are not connected with each other, so you will have to update both.

Modelling To-One Relations

The @ToOne annotation definesa relation to another entity (one entity object). Apply it to the property holding the other entity object.


Internally, greenDAO needs an additional property pointing to the IDof the target entity, which is specified by the joinProperty parameter.If this parameter is absent, then an additional column is automatically created to hold the key.


The getter-methods of to-one relations (in this example getCustomer ( ) ) resolve the target entity lazily on their first call. Subsequent calls will return the previously resolved object immediately.

resolve the target entity lazily

Note that if you change the foreign key property (here customerId ), the next call to the getter ( getCustomer ( ) ) will resolve the entity for the updated ID.

Also, if you set a new entity ( setCustomer ( ) ), the foreign key property ( customerId ) will be updated as well.

Note: To eagerly load to-one relations use loadDeep ( ) and queryDeep ( ) of the entity DAO class. This will resolve an entity with all to-one relations with a single database query. This is great for performance if you always access the related entities.

To eagerly load to-one relations

@ToMany defines a relation to a set of other entities (multiple entity objects). Apply this to the property representing a List of target entities. The referenced entity must have one or more properties pointing to the entity owning the @ToMany.


There are three possibilities to specify the relation mapping, use one of them only:

use one of them

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